Halloween Around the US

21 Oct

Halloween Around the US

A good Halloween holiday should take a little effort and planning, especially if you plan on going outside. Whether you choose a city, suburb, or out of town destination for a little trick-or-treating or party fun, you’ll want to take note of some of the travel destinations that are popular for this particular holiday. Of course, it also helps to understand a little bit about what kinds of fall festivities each location is known for, as well as the seasonal traditions of each town or community. From quaint, whimsical little-town customs you’ll only find in that portion of the state, to food celebrations, scavenger hunt, craft fairs, and more, we have made every destination listed for Halloween a top choice for this fun holiday.

Pumpkin Patch: If you want something a little more than just a trip down memory lane, you might want to look at the Pumpkin Patch, located in the heart of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. This fun destination is filled with activities and fun filled, fall activities for children and adults alike. Visitors and locals enjoy pumpkin carving, live music, crafts, games, and pumpkin dances all year around. Visitors also get to sample the tasty pumpkin pie! And, while you’re at the Pumpkin Patch, check out some of their seasonal activities as well, such as hayrides and wagon rides. You might want to stay longer than you planned, if you don’t mind driving!

Apple Cider Mill: This charming and historic destination is known for its apple cider and a variety of other apple treats. While you’ll find plenty of activities and special treats in this town, you’ll also be able to enjoy the great outdoors at its best. Take your pick from a variety of apples, including the popular King apples, Granny Smith apples, and the American Beauty apple. The apples are hand-picked by locals, and they have them cooked at their farm. You’ll get to sample a wide variety of apple recipes, including apple cider punch. and apple cider doughnuts. When the autumn leaves start to fall, the festivities continue with a variety of trick-or-treat events at the Apple Cider Mill as guests can bring in treats for the children or party favors for the adults.

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